Annual Events

EASL Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge

Each summer EASL members head to Grand Isle for  EASL’s “Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge”.  The  2-day “Saltwater Challenge” is for EASL members only, but $20 annual memberships are available at the Friday evening social. Membership is open to the public. Come fish with us in Grand Isle! We guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Check the EASL Blog for more information. This event may be moved to June instead of July.


EASL Kid’s Fishing Rodeo

EASL sponsors an annual Kid’s Fishing Rodeo each year, usually in early August.  Take a kid fishing!  Pass on the legacy. Watch for upcoming info by checking the EASL Blog for updates.


EASL Annual Squirrel Rodeo

EASL hosts a very unique event on the opening day of squirrel season. It puts on a squirrel rodeo where entrants weigh in squirrels similar to a fishing tournament. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place “total weight”, and for “biggest squirrel”. All squirrels are donated, cleaned, and cooked up the next day at a Merle Gautreaux’s house. Every EASL member is invited to enjoy the squirrel stew — and the camaraderie of other members. There is card playing, tall tales told, hors d’oeuvres served, and sometimes a Saints game to enjoy. Todd Braud cooks up the stew, and other members bring the side dishes. The squirrel rodeo is definitely a very unique event, and one that everyone looks forward to in October. EASL 2017 Squirrel Rodeo was set for opening day but is postponed to October 21-22, 2017 due to a tropical storm. Check EASL Blog for Information on the next one.

Please contact for more information on sponsored events.