Big Fish Contests

The EASL Big Fish Contests run for the entire year.  There is a monthly winner in both categories for biggest Bass and Speckled Trout.  This is also a running yearly contest that awards the first, second and third place prizes for the largest Bass and Speckled Trout caught in a monthly contest.

First place in both categories is awarded a monogrammed jacket and a check for $75.  Second place is a check for $50.  Third place is a check for $25. Only fish caught in Louisiana waters are eligible for entry into the contest. Waters covered by the Louisiana/Texas Reciprocal License Agreement are considered to be “Louisiana waters”. Fish must be weighed on a digital scale and reported to the Contest Chairman no later than 7 days after “month end”.

Fish caught in waters not open to public fishing are ineligible.

*For the BIG BASS CONTEST, you may also weigh in at any legitimate bass-club tournament. Anyone weighing a fish at a bass tournament should call Jim Hebert at 225-717-6037 to register in the BIG Bass Contest.  Give your name, weight of fish, where caught, and the date.

*For the BIG SPECKLED TROUT CONTEST, you may enter your fish by calling Herb Finnerty at 225-716-1947 or Give your name, weight of fish, and date caught.