Bass Club

The Bass Club is affiliated with EASL.  The Club fishes 11 monthly tournaments a year. Read about the latest Bass Club News HERE.

2018 Bass Club Schedule
•Jan 13th (Banquet scheduled for 9th)
•Feb 24th
•March 24th
•April 21st
•May 19th
•June 16th
•July 14th
.August 11th
•Sept 22nd & 23rd (Two day away Tournament at Lake Bruin)
•October 20th
•November 17th (Classic)

Site to be determined  at Tuesday night meeting before the Tournament.  All boats must sign up and pay entry fees at the meeting. The site and weigh in time will be determined during the meeting as per the bylaws.

President: Jim Hebert
Secretary: Eddie Bowman
Treasurer: Eddie Bowman

Board of Directors:
Mike Achord
Murray Alexander
Julian Day
Terry Molea
George Valentine