EASL Bass Club News

By: Jim Hebert

“Phillip Valentine wins Two in a Row”
“Teams up with his Father George, for the Win”

Left to right, Phillip & George Valentine, Donald Braud, Tim Guillaume & Richard Rossi
George & Phillip Valentine 1st Place
Donald Braud 2nd Place
Tim Guillaume & Richard Rossi 3rd place

As I have previously said, “it is hard enough to win a tournament against this group of excellent fishermen but when you manage to win twice in a row it is an exceptional feat”.  This Father-Son team has won before and they blew the competition away again out of Doiron’s with their 5 fish limit that weighed in at 13.45 lbs. They were the only team that fished the Atchafalaya Spillway and managed to beat the odds while the water was rising too. Congratulations men!

The EASL Bass Club met at the Gonzales Fire Station 0n October 15th to plan the upcoming tournament. Before the meeting began, Terry Molea treated us to a delicious meal of pork stew, potato salad, bread, drinks and cookies for dessert. We appreciate our cooks, so thanks to Terry for cooking.

George signed up 11 boats to fish the Tournament. When that was complete, Mike opened the meeting and asked for nominations for tournament location. There was only one nomination and that was “Doiron’s either side”.  Then the members voted for a 3:00 PM weigh in time.  After that, Mike and George drew the boat numbers and announced Bubba Rossi and Chris Keller as weigh masters for the event.
Mike then asked for nominations for the “Classic Tournament” location. There were two nominations including Doiron’s either side” and another that included choice of launching at Pigeon, Public Landing or Doiron’s with weigh in to be held at the Public Landing. The vote was overwhelming for “Doiron’s either side”.  The Classic Tournament is scheduled for November 16th.

Saturday morning most of the boats launched on the Belle River side. We launched into the Spillway with Phillip and George.  We wanted to check an area as our Plan A. It only took us an hour to get back to Doiron’s and launch on the Belle River side. We spent the day moving and fishing different areas hoping to finally locate the Bass. It was a tough day for us with only 3 keepers for the effort.

At 3:00 PM everyone was back at the launch ready to weigh their fish.  Bubba was operating the scale and George was logging the results.  It was a pretty good day for most of the anglers. There were 7 boats with a limit, 3 boats with 4 keepers and one outlier with 3 keepers. There was only one Bass weighed over 3 lbs.

When the weigh in was complete, George announced the winners.
First place was won by the Father-Son team of Phillip and George Valentine with a limit of Bass weighing 13.45 lbs. They also won Big Bass and the side bet with their lunker that weighed in at 3.74 lbs.
Second place was won by Donald Braud fishing alone to weigh in a limit that weighed 10.54 lbs.
Third place was won by Tim Guillaume and Richard Rossi with their limit weighing 10.07 lbs.

Congratulations to the winners of the October Tournament out of Doiron’s.  The Classic Tournament is scheduled for November 16th where everyone fishes alone against the other members. This tournament has a larger payout including money that has been set aside all year long to include in the pot. We hope to see everyone there.
For more info on the EASL Bass Club see www.easlonline.org.