EASL Bass Club News

By: Jim Hebert

“Jim Hebert wins 2017 Classic in the Atchafalaya”


Left to right, Jim Hebert, Donald Braud, Julian Day

Jim Hebert Classic Winner

Donald Braud second place with 4.04 Big Bass

Mike Guitreau second place Big Bass

Ken Villenurve with two nice ones

Murray Alexander with Okuma Rod & Reel Donated by Byron Mire

Weighing them up

The EASL Bass Club met on November 14th to plan for the Classic Tournament as well as discuss possible changes to the bylaws and rules. We also were there to vote on next year’s Officers and Board Members.
Before we got started we had dinner provided by Mike Achord.  We dined on a delicious Deer Sauce Piquant on rice with salad and cookies and drinks. Thanks for cooking for the Club Mike.

After dinner Eddie signed up 16 members to fish the Classic Tournament out of the Belle River Public Landing while Terry collected the Big Bass side pot.
I opened the meeting and we took nominations for the Classic weigh-in time. We voted on 2:00 and 3:00 with 3:00PM being the winner. Warren Hebert was assigned as weigh master.
After that we had a short discussion about the money that was in the Classic pot as well as the Big Bass pot.  Micha Mire asked if he could win first and second place Big Bass if he caught the largest two fish in the tournament. After looking at the rules, it was determined that he could indeed win both categories that way.
We discussed the bank balance and said that we had money available to add to the Classic pot if the Board wanted to do that. After a short discussion we decided to add more money to the Big Bass Jackpot to bring it up to $300 so we will start 2018 with a full Jackpot amount.

We then took nominations for changes to the bylaws and rules. Terry Molea suggested we go back to the 2016 version of bylaw 17 which would include all 11 Tournaments in the determination of “Angler of the Year”. It was seconded, discussed and passed with a large margin.
Terry also nominated a change in the way that 1st and 2nd place Big Bass checks are awarded at the Classic Tournament. He suggested that “the same individual could not win both categories of Big Bass in the Classic tournament.  It was seconded and discussion was around giving more members an opportunity to win a check in the Tournament. The motion was voted on and passed.
Ken Villenurve nominated a change that would reduce the fish limit in the Classic Tournament from 5 to 3. It was seconded and after a short discussion it failed to pass.
I nominated a change to bylaw #2 to strike the words “on the same calendar year as the EASL-this includes dues”.  It was seconded, discussed and passed.

We then discussed the Officers and Board members for 2018.  It was agreed upon that all Officers and Board members will continue in their positions for next year.

The meeting was adjourned and while everyone cleaned up, Eddie and I wrote out the checks for the Classic since he would not be there to hand them out. We all left anticipating a good Tournament.

Saturday morning when we topped the Levee I couldn’t believe what I saw. The entire parking lot was full of vehicles and trailers. Then I realized that I didn’t see running lights on the water and looking at the trailers, I knew that this was all “hunters” and not other Tournament fishermen. That’s good, because I didn’t want to be crowded on the water by others.
We got all of the boats launched and met up on the pier for some good natured ribbing. I’ve got to hand it to Roderick Saylor, he had the best one when he said “what are ya’ll waiting for; your social security checks?” I guess it did look that way LOL!

At safe daylight, we let everyone go one at a time. Warren and I left last since we were the weigh masters. We headed North along with others but did not turn off when most did.
I had two locations where I wanted to fish and when I arrived at the first one, the water was higher and didn’t look all that great. It was good enough to fish though so we got started. I caught my biggest fish at 8:00 but did not have another one by 9:30 so we headed to the second spot.  When we got there the water was not looking like I had hoped and the wind was in the wrong direction that I had hoped for too.  The fish weren’t cooperating there either but I left with one more fish in the box at 12:00 noon.  We arrived at the first location and decided that this was our best opportunity to limit out. By 2:00 I had my limit and caught the 6th keeper but it would not be a cull fish. I decided to leave early because I had a good limit and did not want to risk not getting back on time.  After a short try in Old River we had had enough and headed in.

We set up the scale and started the weigh in. It was obvious that the fishing was pretty good as a lot of the guys had limits of fish. Others had two or four but that is typical of tournament fishing.

When the weigh in was complete I awarded the checks.
First place went to Jim Hebert with a 5 fish limit that weighed in at 11.02 lbs.  Second place went to Donald Braud with his limit of 5 fish that weighed 9.7 lbs. Most importantly though, he had Big Bass with his lunker that weighed in at 4.03 lbs. He also won the Big Bass side pot with this fish.
Third place went to Julian Day with his 5 fish limit that weighed 8.00 lbs.
Second Place Big Bass went to Mike Guitreau with his lunker that weighed in at 3.60 lbs.

Byron Mire donated an Okuma rod and reel combo to the Club as a door prize. We drew a name out of the hat and awarded the combo to Murray Alexander. Thank you Byron for the donation.

We then had a discussion to decide where next year’s Two-Day away tournament would be held. Nominations were received and we voted on Lake Bruin or Toledo Bend.  The vote was for Lake Bruin by a large margin.  The Board will meet as soon as we can to determine the dates for next year so that everyone can make reservations for the away Tournament.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Classic tournament. This concludes the Club Tournaments for 2017.  For more information on the EASL Bass Club go to www.easlonline.org.