EASL Bass Club News

By: Jim Hebert


Left to right, Mike & Cory Guitreau, Donald Braud & Gene Scott, Chick Edmonston & George Valentine

Mike and Cory Guitreau with their 4.22 Lb. Lunker

“Mike and Cory Guitreau win
out of Spillway in July”  

On July 11th, the EASL Bass Club met at the Gonzales Fire Department to plan the Tournament scheduled for July 15th.

Before the meeting got underway, the members enjoyed a delicious dinner of Red Beans and rice, cole slaw, French bread, drinks and cookies.  The meal was prepared and served by “yours truly”.

The meeting was called to order and then we had a “moment of silence” for Murray Alexander’s Mother, followed by a presentation of a card that had been signed by all members in attendance that night.
After that Eddie signed up 13 boats to fish the Tournament. When that was done we took nominations for the site of the Tournament. We had three nominations. They were “Adams either side, Spillway public launch, or trailer anywhere”. There was a tie vote between Adams and Trailer so as President I broke the tie by voting for Adams. This was followed by a vote by everyone between Adams and Spillway. Adams Landing either side won the vote for the site of this tournament. When that was done we voted for 3:00 PM weigh in.
After that we had to pick a weigh master so we drew numbers and I was the lucky winner.
The meeting was adjourned and everyone helped with the cleanup which was very much appreciated by all.

Saturday morning we arrived at the landing to find other members already there with boats in the water. It was a pleasant morning but the mosquitoes were hungry so we all broke out the repellant to ward them off.
At safe daylight I sent the boats off one at a time. It appeared that we had more boats on the Verret side than the Spillway side this day.
It didn’t take me long to remember why I don’t like fishing the Verret side during the summer months. We got to our starting point to find another boat working it from the opposite direction. We managed to catch two keepers and lose a better one before we met up and crossed paths. Just about that time I was going to move and another boat pulled up right where I was thinking about going. It wasn’t long before the party barges, ski boats, jet skis and other kinds of pleasure riders were constantly coming and going by so it was time to go again.  We moved to the Lake where we caught plenty of small fish but never could upgrade enough to be competitive. We had a fun day fishing overall but left me wishing I had scouted the spillway instead.

By 3:00 everyone had returned to the landing and we weighed the fish. There were 3 fish caught over 3 lbs. and then the largest was presented and it went 4.22 lbs. so others had found the good ones.
When the weigh in was over, Eddie presented the checks.
First place went to Mike and Cory Guitreau with 11.02 lbs. They also won Big Bass and the side pot with their lunker that went 4.22 lbs.
Second place went to Donald Braud and Gene Scott with 10.53 lbs.
Third place was won by George Valentine and Chick Edmonston with 9.79 lbs.

Congratulations to the winners of the July Tournament. Our next event is scheduled for
August 12th. I hope to see you all there.
For more information about the EASL Bass Club you can visit www.easlonline.org.