EASL Bass Club News

Left to right, Lou Polkey & Carlos Gray, Jason Beck & Tony Arceneaux, Bernard Sheets & Darren Anders, Terry Molea & Donald Braud, Jim Hebert, Anthony Bonadona & Lester Rome
Warren & Jim Hebert with Big Bass weighing 5.45 lbs.

The EASL Bass Club held its second Tournament of 2023 on February 25th.The Tournament was held out of Amelia Landing with a 3:30 PM weigh in time.

There were 23 boats participating.

One thing interesting about this Tournament was that the weights were very close. Any of the top 7 finishers could have won the event with just one cull or a couple of weigh fish added to their live well.

First place went to Carlos Gray & Lou Polkey with 5 fish weighing 11.63 lbs.

Second place went to Tony Arceneaux & Jason Beck with 5 fish weighing 11.53 lbs.

Third place went to Bernard Sheets & Darren Anders with 5 fish weighing 11.29 lbs.

Fourth place went to Donald Braud & Terry Molea with 5 fish weighing 11.13 lbs.

Fifth place went to Anthony Bonadona & Lester Rome with 5 fish weighing 10.82 lbs.

Big Bass was awarded to Jim & Warren Hebert with their lunker that weighed in at 5.45 lbs.

Congratulations to the winners of the February Tournament.  Our next Tournament will be the two day away tournament on Caney Creek Lake in North Louisiana on March 24th & 25th.  Our meeting to plan the Tournament will be on the 16th of March at Dirk Anderson’s home on Babin Road.