EASL Bass Club News

By Jim Hebert

“Tim Fatheree wins
February Tournament out of Amelia”

Right to left, Tim Fatheree, Kyle Melancon & Murray Alexander, Dirk Anderson & Brandt Fairchild
1st Place, Tim Fatheree with 5.4 lb. Bass
2nd Place, Murray Alexander & Kyle Melancon
3rd Place, Dirk Anderson & Brandt Fairchild

One thing we all know about Tim Fatheree is to “never count him out” because behind that calm demeanor and happy go lucky attitude is a guy that can “put em in the boat”.  He showed us all what he could do in this tournament with a large stringer including a Big Bass that was only one tenth of a pound away from busting our Big Bass Jackpot too.  Well done Tim.

Tournament week began with our meeting to plan the event.  We met again at Donald Braud’s warehouse while the Fire Dept is undergoing upgrades.  We had a delicious meal of mashed potatoes with meat ball gravy, sweet peas, bread and drinks prepared by Dirk Anderson. Our dessert of banana pudding and cake was prepared by Donald’s wife. We do appreciate and thank our cooks.

Mike opened the meeting and then Jim Hebert awarded Dirk Anderson with his Jacket and Check for winning 2019 “Angler of the Year”.  Dirk then gave a short speech and acknowledged his partner Brandt Fairchild for his help throughout the year.  Congratulations to Dirk for his accomplishment.

Mike then took nominations for tournament location. The two nominations included Amelia and Bayou Black.  Amelia was the overwhelming choice.  We then voted a 3:00 PM weigh in time. The weigh masters chosen were Murray Alexander and Kyle Melancon.
Dirk then took the floor to ask if anyone would want to put up $5 each to go to then person or team that weighs the “largest stringer” for the year (excluding Toledo Bend).  Everyone agreed, the money was collected, and will be held in the treasury until the end of the year.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Saturday morning was clear and cold as we arrived at the launch in Amelia. There were no other tournaments on that day and that was a blessing to us all. It’s always nice not to be crowded at the landing.  Everyone got the boats into the water and waited for safe daylight.  Murray then called out the boats to leave one at a time.

We headed out toward the marsh hoping that we could just get lucky that day. Sometimes that is your goal when you don’t scout beforehand.  Our plan was to fish and keep moving looking to get our limit and to just have a good day fishing. We did just that and caught only 3 keeper Bass before it was time to head back to the landing.

Murray and Kyle weighed the fish as we all looked on.  It turned out to be a good day for 3 of the teams with limits exceeding 11 lbs.  Out of 14 boats, six teams had their limit while others just weren’t that fortunate. 

When the weigh in was complete, Mike announced the winners.
First place went to Tim Fatheree with his limit that weighed in at 13.29 lbs. He also won Big Bass and the side pot with his lunker that weighed in at 5.40 lbs.
Second place went to Murray Alexander and Kyle Melancon with a limit that weighed 11.91 lbs.
Third place went to Dirk Anderson and Brandt Fairchild with their limit that weighed in at 11.32 lbs.
Congratulations to the winners of the February Tournament.  Our next event will be the two day Tournament out of Toledo Bend.  For more information on the EASL Bass Club, visit www.easlonline.org.