EASL Bass Club News

Anthony Bonadona, 2022 Angler of the Year
Classic Winners, Left to right, Tony Arceneaux, Jason Beck,
Donald Braud, Bubba Rossi, Anthony Bonadona

The EASL Bass Club held its’ Annual “Classic Tournament” on the 5th of November.  The Tournament was held out of the Amelia Landing with a 3:00 Pm weigh in.

There were 19 Boats participating in the Tournament.

First Place went to Donald Braud with 5 fish weighing 10.42 lbs.

Second Place went to Bubba Rossi with 5 fish that weighed 9.59 lbs.

Third place went to Jason Beck with 5 fish that weighed 9.33 lbs.

Fourth place went to Anthony Bonadona with 5 fish weighing 8.41 lbs.

Fifth place went to Tony Arceneaux with 5 fish that weighed 7.95 lbs.

First Place Big Bass winner was Tony Arceneaux with a lunker that weighed in at 4.23 lbs.
Second Place Big Bass winner was Donald Braud with a lunker that weighed in at 3.92 lbs.

Congratulations to the winners of the Classic Tournament.

Each year we award the “Angler of the year” title to the member with the highest points at the end of the Classic Tournament. This year’s title goes to Anthony Bonadonna. He was the points winner utilizing the results of the 8 highest Tournament finishes of the year. Congratulations to Anthony for winning the title.

The EASL Bass Club will meet again in January to get the 2023 season underway. The Board of Directors will meet soon to set the tournament dates for next year.