EASL Bass Club News

By: Jim Hebert

EABC September Bass Club Results
September 26th, Trailer to fish Marsh, Verret, or Spillway. Weigh at Spillway Public Launch

8 Boats Participating

1st Place was Julian Day & Allan McGeehee with 5 Bass that weighed 12.40 lbs.

2nd Place was Dirk Anderson & Brandt Fairchild with 5 Bass that weighed 10.41 lbs.

3rd Place was Brennon Middleton & Dale Manuel with 5 Bass that weighed 9.57 lbs.

Big Bass winner was Julian Day with 3.45 lb. Bass.

Left to right, Allan Mcgeehee & Julian Day, Dirk Anderson & Brandt Fairchild, Dale Manuel & Brennon Middleton
1st Place, Allan McGeehee & Julian day
Second Place, Dirk Anderson & Brandt Fairchild
Third Place, Brennan Middleton & Dale Manuel