EASL Squirrel Rodeo October 1-2, 2016

Join us at the 2016 EASL Squirrel Rodeo on Saturday, October 1, and Sunday, October 2. Once again, it will be held at Merle Gautreaux’s home. Squirrel hunting is Saturday, October 1, from legal shooting hours until the end of weigh-in. Weigh-in will start at 10:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. Jambalaya by Perry Berteau will be served around noon.
Sunday afternoon features the announcement of winners and the serving of squirrel gravy cooked by Todd Breaux.
Hunters must be EASL members to enter. All EASL members are invited to Saturday’s jambalaya dinner and Sunday afternoon’s squirrel gravy. Contact Byron Gautreau at 936-9291 with any questions.

(photo from 2014 squirrel hunt, Ashlee Fink.)

Ashlee Fink First Place Squirrel Rodeo 2015 squirrelrodea