Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge 2016 Results and Photos

The 2016 Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge was a great time to be had by all.  Goosie Guice proved once again you do not need an expensive boat, fishing guide or high tech equipment to catch a winning stringer.  He fished on the side of Highway 1 between Grand Isle and Fourchon and had the winning 5 trout stringer and the largest trout.  If memory serves correct 4 of the last 5 years have been won fishing from the side of the road or from the bank.

Mrs B fish 2016 Saltwater ChallengeThis has become a multi-state and international event.  We had 58 participants on 18 registered teams.  Team “Shoulda quit Drinkin” came over from South Georgia to participate for the first time.  They won the trash fish category with a big jack crevalle.  What is impressive about the catch was they cleaned it and took it home to eat.  I guess the quality of fish meat depends on where you are from.  They eat fried mullet there also.

It was a group effort to insure the success of the event.  Thelma Diez, Vince Diez Jr and Charley Moore were instrumental in making sure we ate well.  Jodi Singer took care of registration and recorded the weights as Barney Callahan weighed the fish for the competition.  Goosie organized the clean-up crew to leave the 3 rented camps in good shape so that we can come back again next year.  Marcia and Jerry Jimmerson made sure everyone had an assigned room.   Mr. Percy went above and beyond the call of duty insuring the quality of the banana pudding.

It was a good time with friends, family and fellowship.  We are looking forward to next year’s event.

Below are the winning teams:

Shoulda Quit Drinkin’: Trash fish with a Jack Crevalle (14.11#)

Chasin’ Tail: 1st place-2 largest redfish under 27″ (12.46#)

Newt’s Raiders: 1st place-largest redfish overall (23.39#)

Bama Toad Stranglers: 2nd place-5 largest trout (11.07#), 2nd place-2 largest redfish under 27″ (9.82#)

Team Margarita: 1st place-5 largest speckled trout (12.76#) & big speckled trout (3.50#)

Croaker Nuggets: 1st place-big flounder (1.59#) & Cajun Slam (11.42#)

Shoulda quit drinking 2016 Saltwater Challenge










James with Red and Mackeral 2016 Saltwater Challenge










Georgia Alabama Boys 2016 Saltwater Challenge