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Ashlee Fink Wins First Place in EASL Squirrel Rodeo

EASL’s 2015 Squirrel Rodeo on Saturday, October 3rd had 19 hunters this year. ¬†First Place: Ashlee Fink, with a limit that weighed 8.7 lbs. Second Place: Mike Brown, with 7 that weighed 8.1 lbs, and also tied for biggest squirrel. Third Place was Gary Lass with 8 at 7.1 lbs. Hunters enjoyed a jambalaya cooked by Perry Berteau. On Sunday, EASL members enjoyed a tasty squirrel gravy cooked by Todd Breaux at Merle’s place. Thanks to our cooks, Dwain Gautreaux for chairing this annual event and Merle Gautreaux for hosting.

Ashlee Fink First Place Squirrel Rodeo 2015