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EASL Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge June 16-17 2017

The East Ascension Salt Water Challenge will take place Friday June 16 for registration and social, and conclude Saturday June 17th with weigh in, awards and fish fry.  All activities including registration, eating, socializing, weigh-in, awards, etc. will take place at the camps behind the Cajun Holiday Motel.  This is located on the left just past the Grand Isle Bridge.

Door prizes and ditty bags for participants has been a nice addition to this event.  If you can secure items please bring them to the rodeo or to one of the EASL meetings leading up to the event.  Touch base with Torrey if you can get something.

Two important Schedule notes:

·         All anglers must be registered by 8:00 pm Friday.  If you want to fish in the rodeo and cannot get to Grand Isle Friday night give your registration fees to someone that can pay for you Friday evening.

·         All teams must be at the weigh in by 3:00 Saturday to have fish weighed for the competition

We will rent 3 camps.  The camps will be reserved for the first 30 people who pay $140 each for the entire weekend starting Thursday night.  This is non-refundable, if you pay and cannot attend it will be up to the individual to find someone to take their place.   Spots will be reserved only when payment is made to either Jodie or Torrey

So with all that said.  If you want a bed in one of the three camps get your money in soon.

Rules and Categories: EASL Saltwater Challenge


o   5 largest speckled trout – combined weight  (1st & 2nd place)

o   Largest trout (1st place only)

o   2 redfish under 27” – combined weight (1st & 2nd place)

o   Biggest red (any length) (1st place only)

o   Biggest flounder (1st place only)

o   “Other”; (1st place only; $20) Definition: any legal fish except redfish, trout, or flounder

o   Cajun Slam; (optional $10/team; winning team takes all) Combined weight of each team’s biggest; Red (under 27”), Trout, & Flounder. Any fish weighed-in for the Slam, can also be entered in the other categories.  All three species must be caught to win.  If no team catches all 3 species 2 species will be weighed then 1.


o   Entry Fee: $15/participant; $10 goes to payouts for winners; $5 goes to meals.  Meal money will be kept in a separate bucket.  We are asking that each person eating pay $5 to help pay for the 2 meals.  Drinks will not be served.  Eaters must bring their own drinks.

o   All participants must be signed-up prior to Friday night start time

o   All participants older than 15 must be current EASL member. Participants 15 and younger must be accompanied by a current EASL member. Memberships will be available for purchase at Friday evening sign-up

o   Teams can have from 1, to no more than 5 people

o   Team members should remain within sight of each other while fishing

o   Fishing starts at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) Friday night

o   Participants must be present at the weigh-in site no later than 3 p.m. Saturday – No exceptions

o   Method of catch: Hook & line only; no flounder gigging, netting, etc.

o   Both artificial & live bait are permissible

o   Fishing boundaries: Any water within boating distance from Grand Isle/Fourchon/Leeville

Mrs B fish 2016 Saltwater Challenge

Pan Fish Rodeo Set for Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pan Fish Rodeo Set for Saturday, May 13

The 2nd Annual EASL Pan Fish Rodeo will be held Saturday, May 13. The format is largely the same as last year, except the weigh-in will be 3PM instead of 2PM. A complete list of rules, procedures, and details about payouts to the winners is below.

1)  No registration is needed prior to fishing. Just fish any public water you choose starting at sunrise, and register at the weigh-in.

2)  Must use hook and line, live or artificial bait.

3)  There is no fee to enter the rodeo. However, participants must be an EASL member. Fishermen under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a member.

4)  Each person will fish individually, no teams, so you must keep your fish separated from others you are fishing with.

5)  Use your own judgement and keep only fish that are a size you can eat.

6)  Return to P.J.’s Landing no later than 3:00 p.m. with your limit of pan fish for weigh-in. Someone will be there for 2:00 p.m.

7)  Pan fish will include bream, perch, crappie, and other like fresh water fish. No bass or catfish will be weighed, but can be donated to the fish fry.

8)  Each person’s catch will be weighed as a whole and recorded. The weight of your biggest fish will also be recorded.

9)  Cash prizes will be paid to the winners with $25.00 for 1st place, $15.00 for 2nd, $10.00 for 3rd, and $10.00 for biggest overall pan fish.

10) All fishermen are asked to prepare a share of their fish to be cooked at our May meeting on the 15th of the month.

We hope all will come out for a fun day of fishing, and will join with fellow members and their families for a fish fry social at the May 15 monthly meeting. We hope for a big turnout, and to continue the rodeo as a yearly event with your participation. For more details or information, call rodeo chairman, Mike Lambert, at 225-644-3804.

crappie photo