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Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge: July 18-19, 2014

Saltwater Challenge Time!  EASL’s 10th annual “Terry Melancon Saltwater Challenge” is coming next month: July 18th and 19th in awesome Grand Isle.

You don’t need a boat to fish with us. Some past winners have been surf fishers. Last year, Mac Daigle caught a 5 pound trout right off the pier of the camp – but it didn’t count because it was before the official start time. – sorry Mac! Also, the island has two brand new fishing bridges, and at Elmer’s Island you can drive a car right up to some of the best surf fishing in the world. There’s even a good lighted fishing spot right under those camps we rented.

EASL has reserved two really nice waterfront camps for our members to use. They’re almost full, but as of this writing there were still a few spots available. You can call Keith (225-715-9487) to check availability. Friday evening sign-up and all other event activities will be held at these camps. They’re located right behind the “Cajun Holiday Inn”, right over the bridge on your left.

If you haven’t yet made reservations for the weekend, it’s not too late, but you better make them now. There’s lots of lodging info on Grand Isle’s official website:

One more thing – we added a new optional “Cajun Slam!” category. See details below.

Friday, July 18th events:

  • 6:30 p.m.: Team sign-up at the camps behind Cajun Holiday; free supper (BYOB and chairs).
  • Midnight:  Fishing starts

Saturday, July 19th events:

  • 3 p.m.: Weigh-in at camps behind Cajun Holiday
  • 6:30 p.m.: Back to the camps for free fish fry (BYOB and chairs) and announcement of winners

Registration fee:

  • $10 for EASL Members, $25 for non-members (includes EASL membership). Registration fee includes dinner Friday & Saturday evenings. 100% payback to the winners.
  • Optional $10 per team for the Cajun Slam! category


  • Entry fees must be paid no later than the Friday evening team sign-up.
  • Maximum of 5 anglers per team. (Note: Surf fishing, kayakers, & other anglers not sharing the same boat must remain within sight of their teammates at all times while fishing.)
  • Both live and artificial bait are permitted.
  • Fishing boundaries – anywhere within boating distance of Fourchon/Grand Isle
  • Fishing begins at midnight Friday – ends at weigh-in time.
  • Must be at the weigh site no later than 3 pm Saturday.
  • 100% of registration fees will be divided among winners of the following categories;
    • Combined weight of 5 speckled trout;  1st & 2nd place
    • Big spec;  1st place
    • Combined weight of 2 redfish under 27”; 1st & 2nd place
    • Big red (any length);  1st place
    • Big flounder;  1st place
    • Biggest ‘other’ fish; 1st place (“other” means any legal fish that does not fit any of the above categories).
    • All above category winners will share equal percentages of the total entry fees with the exception of the “other fish” category which will receive $20.  Second place finishers will receive an amount equal to one-half of the first place prize.
    • Cajun Slam! is the combined weight of each team’s biggest redfish, trout, and flounder. You don’t have  to catch all three to qualify. You can weigh one of each, or all 3, and those fish are also eligible for the other categories. The team taking 1st place in the Cajun Slam! category will get 100% of the optional $10 entry fee

This is going to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing you there!

or more event info, contact Keith (225-715-9487).

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2012 Saltwater Challenge

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2012 Saltwater Challenge

Bluebird Boxes Now on Sale

Bluebird Boxes Now on Sale! How many EASL members and volunteers does it take to build 68 bluebird boxes? The answer came on March 15th when 8 people met at Vince Diez’s sign shop on Coontrap Road to help construct the boxes. The wood was donated by Warren Singer from an old cedar fence that he had replaced last year. The bluebird boxes are now on sale for $10 each, and can be purchased at EASL regular meetings while supplies last.

Bluebird Box Build - photo 3Although bluebirds are already nesting, it’s not too late to have a successful nest box. Bluebirds will nest more than once. They are very tolerant of humans, so be sure to monitor your boxes. After any nesting effort has ended, either due to nest failure or successful fledging of the young, remove the used nest from the box. When a bluebird nest is successful, re-nesting in the same box may be encouraged if the first nest is removed. This can be done as soon as all chicks have left the nest.

EASL’s bluebird nest box project has been very successful over the years. Many of our members let us know when bluebirds have nested and hatched. Thanks to Dwain Gautreaux for chairing the project for the last two years. And thanks to Dwain, Francis Gautreaux, Barney Callahan, Warren Herbert, Jodie Singer, Vince Diez, Ryan Schilling, and Carlos Noriega, Jr. for coming out on a Saturday afternoon and building these boxes. For their effort, several bluebirds will not be homeless for the next several years.

-Jodie Singer, EASL Treasurer

Bluebird Box Build - photo 4

Bluebird Box Build - photo 1